Brand Identity & Website

Lumina is a reflection of a bold, new London emerging alongside the tech and startup scene that has been taking over London's East End and Central council areas in the last decade. 

This self-initiated identity project for a property development was a personal response to my own experiences living in the area, paying special attention to the vastly different architectural revolutions that had evidently taken place in the area over some 300 years, where even the most modern developments seem to sit harmoniously in the mix.

The visual style is aimed squarely at the new money in the area - entrepreneurs making it big and being characterized by their love and knowledge of luxury and style. There's a boldness and audacity that resonates with the aspirations of many business models making their mark in the area - and a sharp youthfulness that plays to the area being home to some of London's most iconic night life.

This is one of a few self-initiated projects that have allowed me to explore brand expression in the realm of responsive web development - an area of design I am very interested in pursuing.

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