Brand Identity & Website
in collaboration with Interior Designer Leah Borkin

Aranda is a suburb in the north of Australia's capital city, Canberra, known for its bushland setting and notable 1960s residential architecture.

The name was chosen for this contemporary, neighborhood-focused bar / cafe and communal workspace as the suburb beautifully captures a spirit of experimentation and connectedness with its surroundings - central to the idea of this business concept with its main goal of serving the needs of the local creative community.

The logotype references both a modern architectural handwriting style as well as commercial typography from 1960s in this part of the world. The associated graphic elements are stylized representations of some of the native flora, including wattle and bottlebrush, and along with the color palette play up popular textile patterns from the same era. 

The resulting identity exudes a warm, youthful sophistication that speaks to both seekers of good, local food and drink as well as those looking for an informal space to gather, collaborate and innovate.

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