Foundation 49
Brand Refresh & Publication Design
Celsius Design

Foundation 49 is a leading men's health organization in Melbourne, Australia, promoting healthy habits to an aging male population historically not known for its ability to effectively address and manage personal health related issues.

Foundation 49 came to Celsius in not such great shape itself, not really having ever had the resources to express its mission effectively to its target audience. The established visuals included a heavy color combination of red, black and white and stock imagery that said more about middle-class America than working-class Australia.

The logo had earned itself a good level of recognition so attention was turned to copy, imagery, color and printed materials. Photography reflecting a more real, working-class Aussie 'bloke' paired with a fresh, still masculine color palette provided the base from which a range of print materials were developed, resulting in greater recognition and take-up of Foundation 49's health programs in male-dominated workplaces in and around Melbourne.

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